How it works

Here is an overview of how MyPPR works. In case you'd like more details, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to set up a test-site so you can try it out for yourself.

A pilot logs in to and chooses his/her aerodrome. The pilot fills in the PPR request form.
The aerodromeadmin (CEO or any other named person) reveives an email containing the details of the request, and buttons to approve or deny the request.
The pilot instantly receives an email on his cellphone with either approval or denial of the request, depending on what the aerodromeadmin decided.

After the flight has ended the pilot receives another email, where he/she is instructed to report how many movements where made, and whether the flight was of type touch-and-go.

Nice to know

MyPPR offers lots of functions and settings that you may or may not use for your aerodrome. Here is a list of the most important ones

  • Full detailed overview of all requests for PPR
  • Yearly/Monthly reports
  • Option to automatically approve all requests for pilots/planes with subscription
  • Option to automatically decline all requests for pilots/planes without subscription
  • Split administration. Only you can administer your aerodrome
  • Self service of all relevant documentation
  • Custom messages to requesting pilots
  • Separate web-page with todays approved PPRs (infoscreen)
  • Custom declaration of consent
  • Bulk notification by email or sms to all pilots (contact us)

  • MyPPR - PPR made simple

    Applying for a PPR has never been simpler - The same goes for handeling the PPR for the airport